All kinds of words

Ainejärjestö = Student association

Fuksi = A first year student

Haalarit = Student overalls, all the student associations have their own overall colors. Our overalls are green and we have our logo in the back of the overalls. The overalls will be ordered in the autumn and students usually wear them in differend kind of events.

Haalarimerkki = Overall patch. You can sew badges on your overalls, you can get them from the events or order some online.

Hallitus = Student association board. Varkaat ry's hallitus meets once in a month to discuss and make decisions concerning the association. You can check the members of Varkaat ry's board: https://www.varkaat.fi/in-english/student-board-2023/

KOAS = Central Finland Student Housing Foundation builds and rents out apartments for students in Jyväskylä. Read more here https://www.koas.fi/en/central-finland-student-housing-foundation/

JYU = University of Jyväskylä

JYY = The Student Union of University of Jyväskylä

Orientaatioviikko = The first week/the orientation of university with lots of freshmen events

SOOL (Suomen opettajiksi opiskelevien liitto) = Teacher Student Union of Finland. Read more here: https://www.sool.fi/in-english/

Tutori = A tutor is a student who helps you in the beginning of your studies. Tutors will organize many events in the first weeks for the newcoming students.

Varas = A member of Varkaat ry


Kauppakadun appro = Students from all over Finland gather to Jyväskylä in autumn to go around bars and restaurants and buy drinks and food to get stamps on their passes. Once the pass is full you will get an overall badge. There is also an afterparty.

Kolmiot = Kolmiot is a student party for all the students in Jyväskylä where you can visit three bars and attend to an afterparty. Kolmiot is held about once in a month.

Sitsit = a traditional Finnish student event where students gather together to drink and sing drinking songs together. There’s usually a theme, for example fantasy.

Pikkujoulut = As a tradition a group of Varkaat ry's first year students will organize a ”pre-christmas party” where every year group will have their own performance.

Talvipäivät = Teacher Student Union of Finland organizes ”Winter days” every year in a different city. Talvipäivät is a two day event for all the teacher students in Finland. In 2023 Talvipäivät will be held in Oulu.

Vuosijuhlat = A fancy event to celebrate the student association’s anniversary. Usually the guests wear evening dresses or suits and have a nice dinner and an afterparty. Varkaat ry celebrates its anniversary in every three years, last time in spring 2022 when it turned 27 years old.

Wappu = Wappu is a one week long student event which is held every year, ending on 1st of May when we celebrate Vappu in Finland. There are different kind of events organized every day during that week

Places in Jyväskylä

Agora = Agora is one of the University’s buildings.

C = The main building of University.

Liikunta = The sport building of University. If you buy the sports sticker, you can attend on of the many classes or go to the gym in any of the campuses. Read more here: https://www.korkeakoululiikunta.fi/en/university-sports/prices-and-info

Lounaispuisto = A park close to the University, a nice place to gather together for example to a picnic.

Lähde = The library building. There is also one of the student restaurants, Taide. Lähde is located near to C. 

Ruusula = Varkaat ry's main hangout place in Ruusupuisto 1st floor.

Ruusupuisto = The building where the faculty of education and psychology is located. Most of our studies are there.

Seminaarinmäki = The main campus where C is also located.