Become a Member of Varkaat ry!

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Varkaat ry?

💚 You can attend to our amazing events!

💚 You can get discounts to many stores we have partnerships with

💚 You will be added to the email list where you will get the weekly newsletter every Friday. Through the email list you will so get important information about events etc.

💚 For example you can get help with educational affairs

💚 As a member of Varkaat ry you can also join Teacher Student Union of Finland. Read more here:

💚 You can take part in every meeting we have and also apply to the board of Varkaat ry in autumn meeting

How much it costs?

The membership costs 9€ + 0,50€ service charge. The membership is valid until 31st of July 2024. 

How do I join to Varkaat ry?

In and it is very simple! Click the link and choose the class you're attending to (if you are an exchange student, it doesn't matter which one you choose). Then you can fill the form: write your first name, last name, hometown and lastly your email address. Then you have to agree to the membership's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Then you can proceed to checkout. When you have paid the membership, it will appear to your wallet. NB! We accept new members only at the student board's meetings. It means your membership will be inactive till the student board will activate it.